PIA – Support Services

The Resource Centre

PIA provides its service users with free access to:

  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Printing
  • Copying and Faxing

These facilities are available in our ‘Resource Centre’, which is located at 1257 Queen Street West, Toronto. Every year more than a thousand visitors make use of these resources.

The Resource Centre also provides many government application forms and a wide range of printed material with information on employment, health, education, legal issues and many other areas of interest to newcomers to Canada.

In order to use the Resource Centre clients must obtain a Resource Centre membership. Membership can be obtained free of charge by providing Identification documents or Immigration Status documents and by signing a ‘Resource Centre Policy Statement’, thus agreeing to comply with the rules and regulations of the Resource Centre.

CNC – Care for Newcomer Children

The Parkdale Intercultural Association operates a CNC (Care for Newcomer Children) centre in each of its locations to provide free long-term and short-term unlicensed child care for parents who are enrolled in LINC classes, workshops or who are receiving settlement services from PIA.

These CNC centres are open to children from 12 months to 12 years old.


Our Child Care Philosophy

We believe:


  • All children have the right to live and learn in an equitable society.
  • That play is the work of children.  Our staff implements a play-based child-centred curriculum and  daily routines that reflect values universally recognized in the field of early childhood education and allow children to make connections and extend what they already know in creative ways as they develop personally, socially and emotionally.
  • It is important to encourage discovery, creativity, development and exploration in a safe, respectful, yet stimulating environment.

Our Professional Standards

Our qualified and experienced child care staff have received professional training (diplomas or
certificates) from the ECE (Early Childhood Education) program of Ontario.  Our CNC programs
implement the childminding criteria established by CMAS (Childminding Monitoring Advisory
and Support) and provide a multicultural, supportive, all-inclusive and enriching early learning environment that protects the health and safety of newcomer children.Our CNC programs follow a play-based curriculum that encourages discovery, creativity and exploration.  Our daily program is designed to help children learn and grow in positive ways.  In addition to activities, children in our programs receive nutritious snacks and, when appropriate, have nap times.


Our Hours

Long-Term Care
(LINC Day Students)

Mon. –  Fri.        9:00 am  –  2:30 pm
Tue., Thu.         2:30 pm  –  8:30 pm
Short-Term Care
(LINC Evening Students)

Mon., Wed., Fri.     2:30 pm  –  5:00 pm

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