Getting Started / FAQs


Who does PIA serve?
At PIA our doors are open to all members of the public.  Because we are located in Parkdale we primarily serve residents who live in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto.  We are, however, happy to serve all residents in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

The majority of our service users are newcomers to Canada (including Refugee Claimants, Convention Refugees, Caregivers, Landed Immigrants and Permanent Residents).  We also offer services to Canadian citizens.

What services does PIA provide?

General information about the services that PIA provides can be found by visiting the pages in the Programs and Services section of this website.

What documents do I need to bring to PIA?

If the service or program you require is only available to newcomers with legal status in Canada (including Convention Refugees, Caregivers, Landed Immigrants and Permanent Residents) you will be required to show proof of your status in Canada.  All  new service users at PIA are required to provide personal identification.

What should I do if I don’t speak English?

PIA is happy to serve residents in a wide range of languages.  You can see a listing of the languages in which we can serve you by visiting our languages page.  If you speak a language that is not included on this list and you are unable to speak English at a sufficient level, we can only serve you if you can provide an English-speaking interpreter (or one who speaks one of our available languages). If that is not possible our Intake Worker will refer you to another agency that can assist you in the language you require.

Can I use a computer at PIA (or print, fax or photocopy?)

PIA provides a resource centre in our main building at 1257 Queen St. West, Toronto.  Use of this facility is open to the public but users must first obtain a Resource Centre Membership and then sign in whenever they wish to use this facility.  Membership is free but users must first provide personal identification and sign a copy of the Resource Centre Policy Statement thus agreeing to comply with the Resource Centre rules.  See our Resource Centre page on this website for more information about the PIA Resource centre.

Can I attend PIA events?

PIA hosts a number of annual events that are open to all members of the public.  Bulletins for our upcoming and ongoing public events and programs can be seen on our PIA Bulletin Board  page. Information about upcoming tax clinics, workshops, information sessions and other PIA services and programs is also posted on this ‘bulletin board’ page but users must register for many of these events. Contact information will be provided on event postings if you wish to find out if you are eligible to attend specific events or if you wish to obtain additional information.  A free ‘childcare for newcomer children’ (CNC) service is available for PIA workshop participants or other PIA service users who have young children that must be cared for while attending LINC classes and PIA events such as workshops and information sessions. More information about this service is available on our CNC page.