Client Rights and Responsibilities


●  The right to privacy. Your information will be
protected and not shared with others without your consent.
●  The right to review your service files .
●  The right to a voice and to make a complaint if
you do not receive service to your satisfaction.
●  The right to be treated with dignity.
●  The right to know about all the services we offer
at PIA. You are welcome to suggest new services
relevant to newcomers and the Parkdale community.


●  A responsibility to respect everybody at PIA –
staff, volunteers, and other service users.
●  A responsibility to arrive on time – if you can’t
come, let us know 24 hours ahead of time.
●  A responsibility to let us know if you have
changed your address or phone number.
●  Decisions about your service actions are your
responsibility. You must bring required documents for
appointments and application assistance.