Our Organization

Parkdale Intercultural Association is a multicultural, the full settlement of immigrants and refugees into Canadian society,  and the development of a healthy, diverse community in Parkdale.

“This is what the Canadian experience is all about –  to see if people who are different can live together and work together, and can learn to regard diversity not with suspicion but as a cause for celebration.”
Justice Thomas Berger

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission:

We  will provide settlement programs and services to new immigrants and refugees and engage in community
development to nurture a healthy, equitable and sustainable community that builds on the rich diversity of Parkdale.

Our Vision:

We will harness our knowledge and energy to make our
community a better place for life, health and growth.

Our Values:


We demonstrate fairness, consistency and compassion
in our interactions with our clients and others.

•  Leadership

We foster leadership at all levels.  We encourage
innovation and promote excellence through continuous
learning and expanding knowledge and development.

•  Integrity

We conduct ourselves at all times in a professional and
ethical manner.  Honesty, openness and transparency
are the basis on which we conduct our business.

•  Trust

   We are trustworthy, reliable and accountable for our actions.